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About Kuickwheel

Kuickwheel was founded in 2014 by Liu Feng, a talented inventor who won the Forbes 30 under 30 Asian people for his dedicated enterprise and intelligent solutions to micro mobility. Kuickwheel has since established itself as a leading manufacturer of high

quality electric scooters, being mainly sold in the United States & Singapore. Kuickwheel UK has now teamed up and we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of one of the finest electric scooters available.


Kuickwheel Technology succeeded in high-tech enterprise recognition in November 2016, applied for almost 100 national patents, seven patents for inventions, three software copyrights, and two international PCT patents. Several products won the German IF design award and the Red Star Award, and it has core proprietary technology. With powerful R&D strength and unique technology advantages, it led the development trend of the industry, and won the recognition of the users for the comprehensive strength in the aspects of production, sales, and service, etc., and an extensive reputation in the industry.

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